Sample images (Gallery)

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Pastor is reading the Bible

Nepalese Book Store

Tourist taking picture of his wife dressed as Statue of Liberty

A couples feet in the subway

Escalator in a New York store

A cow is laying among garbate at a Kathmandu street

A cute puppy with necklace

Man is reading news paper

Guy at phone booth and a extra pair of eyes

Budapest at night

Cardboard with yellow tape

Man sitting inside a colorful kiosk

Airline Pilot is approaching New York in his simulator

Soon she will arrive to her dream destination

Electrician in glasses is adjusting a wall outlet

A dentist is examing a male patient

Young boy walking in the middle of the street

Yellow cab with damaged bumber

Tattoo Artist is working in his studio

Guy taking a picture outside of a bank

Soldier is hiding behind some rubble

The classic yellow NYC cab, with yellow background

Girl relaxing on sofa

An asian teacher is educating her students in the forest

A wet Golden Retriever puppy

Yellow sign that says Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Two gentelmen that living different lives

Guy that smokes is looking at a lady that also smokes

A woman in red

A software developer is coding on his Macbook Pro