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Painter is painting outside a store

Guy is resting at table in room with yellow walls

Nepalese gentleman is looking out of window

Man in blue shirt is talking in his phone

A Weimaraner looking up at the camera

Computer specialist at his repair studio

Bored men while their women goes shoe shopping

Two gentelmen that living different lives

A Bulldog is laying on the floor resting

Girl is arguing with parents

Lady in blue is showing the way

Nepalese Book Store

Piles of garbage outside a McDonalds restaurant

A trader at a desk with three monitors and a laptop

Soon she will arrive to her dream destination

Carpenter is using a grinder to cut some metal

A young guy finally gets to experience a big city

Busy street of New York

Yellow sign that says Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Escalator in a New York store

Typical New York food stand with pretzel

Guy that smokes is looking at a lady that also smokes

A Golden Retriever puppy is sitting in his food tray

A trio of ladies with very different facial expressions

Busy crossing at 5th Avenue and E 58 Street

Traffic lights in New York

Guy that smokes is entering a red car

Girl relaxing on sofa

A buffalo farmer is plowing a wet field

Canon photographer with his Canon EF 400mm f/2,8 IS USM telephoto lens