Lenses for Nikon D810

See exactly which lens that is compatible with Nikon D810. See compatibility charts and complete lens reviews.

Nikon D810
  • Release date 2014
  • Sensor of type  FX (Full frame)
  • 36 Megapixels (7360 x 4912 pixels)
  • ISO 64 - 12800
    5 pictures/second
  • Weight 980 g
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Sometimes it is hard to know exactly which lenses that works with your camera. We will guide you here and make sure that you get the help you need. You can easily find compatible lenses and if find an interesting lens, please read through the review (where you can read the specifications, pros and cons of the lens and get links to external reviews etc).

But first, lets start of with some inspiration from other photographers.

Images taken by Nikon D810

Here are a few images taken with Nikon D810 that might inspire you. Click on the image you want to know more about. Each image has information with which lens they were shot and with which camera settings.

An asian teacher is educating her students in the forest
Hotel Receptionist is answering the phone
Surgeon and Surgery Nurses working together

Now, lets go back to finding matching lenses for Nikon D810...

Complete lens compatibility chart for Nikon D810

Here you can see all lenses registered on Lensora and if they work with Nikon D810 or not. Next to each lens you can click for more information and you are presented with why they are compatible or not.

Compatible lenses for Nikon D810

On the page below you will find all lenses registered on Lensora that are compatible with Nikon D810.

View lenses for Nikon D810 per category

Compare Nikon D810 agains other cameras

We provide a service where you easily can compare Nikon D810 in a camera-vs-camera comparison. Below you will find what comparisons that are available for you to choose.